September 10th – 90 MIN LIVE ONLINE EVENT​


September 10th 2019

7PM-830PM EST​

This is an online class where you will receive a replay if you can not make the time to attend live. Upon registering you will receive a call in number to attend over the phone.


This month we will continue to series on creating value in your life and opening you up even more than you could imagine We will be interactive to answer all your questions and shift what you desire for wealth internally and on a financial basis. Plus lets do some clean out for tax time so you can file with ease and grace and remove anything in this area that holds you back as it is a massive field that can keep us stuck without even knowing it. Join us for a night of fun and play!


Join us to embrace what is waiting for you and to enhance what you may already have!

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Wow – I was on the call last night but fell asleep after about half an hour but managed to stay on the edge listening as I fell asleep – I had a neck ache before the call and woke up mostly clear of it and feeling a real lift – I’m listening now again.

David Stone - Glastonbury, UK

Global Online Event

September 10th 2019 - 7:00 est

Total Value $25.00 usd

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